• This is my first visit, what do I do?

    This is our student signup page. There is no cost to signup and you may unsubscribe anytime. The email address you enter will be your login for future courses which will create a Student Dashboard account to show you your individual course progress, allow you to re-visit any training, and connect your Certificates of Completion.

  • Where do I apply a discount coupon I received?

    If you have a tuition discount coupon code you will enter it on a following page of the checkout process. This New Account page is just to establish our connection with you so your Student Dashboard can be setup.

  • Can I get a refund for a course?

    Yes. If you pay for an online course and find it was not as advertised let us know within three days via email. We pride ourselves in being the low-cost, effective and supportive training option for nonprofits.

  • What type of password is needed?

    You may enter any combination of 6 or more letters, symbols or numbers.

  • What is included in a course?

    Online courses are typically presented in either direct recorded video or slide format with accompanying audio. Our Instructors often have downloadable worksheets with tools such as PDFs, Excel files and systems that support the topic. These documents and tools are downloadable once the course is purchased. The course description lists the materials provided. You may stop, continue, and re-start the course to fit your schedule. Once purchased, you can re-take the online course as often as you like.