Functions of a Board Liaison

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    The best working Boards use a Board Liaison. Are you? Learn how to create this valuable position in your nonprofit so the Board can focus on matters of importance.

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    Building blocks to success include Board Liaison job traits, skills needed and even a job description PDF. Learn how a Board Liaison works between nonprofit leadership and Board leadership.

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    Get a plan that spells out the job description of the Board Liaison so the Board Chair and nonprofit can work together with greater transparency and efficiency.

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Course Highlights

  • Why this is a valuable role on both the Board side and management team side

  • Skill and trait sets needed for Board Liaison position

  • What the actual duties of a Board Liaison are and how they differ from other Board members

  • How the Board Liaison functions in respect to privacy and trust

  • Work style options and the costs associated with this staff position

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